“The Reason” now available in the Fractured Realms anthology.

“The Reason”,  was first published in Glimpses of Insanity, Rainstorm Press, 2012. It has now been published again in  the Horrified Press anthology, Fractured Realms released on June 15, available on Amazon August 21  ALL PROFITS FROM FRACTURED REALMS GOES TO THE AUTISM TRUST.  “The … Continue reading

Oklahoma Ghost Dancers

In 1890, the Lakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation were participating in Ghost Dance ceremonies, which according to the Piute Messiah, Wovoka, would turn the world into a Native American utopia. The dancers painted their bodies black and white and … Continue reading


“Footprints” was one of my earliest and most successful short short stories. It was posted earlier but I think it deserves a second mention since it has been reprinted with minor modifications for a third time by UK magazine, Firewords Quarterly, issue 2, … Continue reading

Ghost Dance

A Paiute shaman named Wovoka (aka Jack Wilson) came down with a high fever in 1888. While he was delirious, he had a vision that would keep him front and center on the stage of American History for the next … Continue reading

The Crazy Snake Rebellion

  In 1906 an eloquent Native American orator embarrassed the U.S. Senate by pointing out the ephemeral nature of Indian treaties: “This was the first agreement that we had with the white man. He said as long as the sun … Continue reading

“Dangerous Fish”

“Dangerous Fish” was published in Dirty Chai: Spring / Summer issue 3 on August 1, 2014. Opening Paragraphs:  Mary Burk didn’t have much on top so she had to work her booty. Fourteen years old and still no period. Her … Continue reading

The Fashionable Cemeteries of Paris

No matter how many negative things Americans say about the French (and lets face it, the list is pretty long) we have to admit they have a lot of style. Their language sounds like poetry. They have been the vanguard … Continue reading

Museum of the Mummies–Guanajuato

I like graveyards. There’s a funeral or at least a burial scene in practically everything I’ve written. I’ve visited famous cemeteries all over the world, including: the St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, Pere-Lachaise … Continue reading

Vikings in Oklahoma? The Heavener Runestone

  In 1832 a Choctaw Hunting party discovered a rock engraved with mystical symbols on Poteau Mountain. It wasn’t hard to find. This stone was twelve feet tall, ten feet wide and sixteen inches thick. It had eight angular figures … Continue reading

Oklahoma’s Oldest Ghost Town

Oklahoma has only been a state since 1907, but people have been living here a lot longer than that. There’s a quiet little spot by the Arkansas River just outside of Spiro where Native Americans lived for 8,000 continuous years. … Continue reading