Evita Peron

Evita (little Eva) Peron’s beginnings were about as humble as a person could get in Argentina. Her father, Juan Duarte, was a rancher who already had a wife and children. He took Evita’s mother, Juana Ibarguaren, as his mistress and … Continue reading


“Unk” was first published in Disturbed Digest, issue 1, Alban Lake Press, June, 2013. It was subsequently published as a reprint by A Murder of Storytellers in Beyond the Nightlight in December, 2014.  “Unk” opening paragraphs: The Oklahoma City Family … Continue reading

“I 35″

“I 35” was published in Phoenix Photo & Fiction vol. 1, December, 2014. “I 35” Opening paragraphs: “Them red ants are the worst. There’s millions of them, like the Red Army that gobbled up half of Europe back in the … Continue reading

Are You Self Published?

“Tell people you are a writer.” My publisher gave me this advice, so did my wife and about a hundred of my closest friends. That statement is the foundation of a platform (don’t you hate that word). Things should move … Continue reading

“I 35″ was a lot rougher road than I expected

I wrote a little story entitled, “I 35” mostly in my head on my way to visit my sister in law in Bisbee, Arizona. By the time I got there I had the plot worked out, a couple of catchy … Continue reading

“Manning Up”

“Manning Up” was published in Chupa Cabra House’s Small Town Futures in October, 2014. “Manning Up” Opening paragraphs: Before the trouble started there were lots of different bars in Oklahoma City—Indian bars, gay bars, hillbilly bars. Not anymore. Since the … Continue reading

Billy Dixon’s Lucky Shot

  On June 27, 1874, twenty-eight men and one woman sleeping in a run down settlement called Adobe Walls learned it’s better to be lucky than to have an army on your side. Most of them were buffalo hunters, stalking … Continue reading

The Reason / Available in Fractured Realms Charity Anthology

“The Reason”, was originally published in Glimpses of Insanity, Rainstorm Press, 2012. It is now reprinted by Horrified Press in their charity anthology, Fractured Realms. It became available from the publisher on June 15, 2014 and since September is available … Continue reading

What is that Goose Bump Feeling? ASMR

Most dogs have a special spot that if touched will make one leg do a meaningless little dance. It’s pretty obvious they like it. Nobody has the slightest idea why, especially not the dog. Sounds can have similar effects. Sirens … Continue reading

A Highway or a Short Story Collection?

Highway 70 through Utah is basically a series of short stories tied up by a ribbon of cement. It runs through a region of the state called the San Rafael Swell where there were no major roads at all before … Continue reading