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Way back in 1975 I learned that Oklahoma had just opened a new dental school, so I flew in from a U.S. Public Health Service assignment in Maine looking for a job. I john_biggsexpected to find a depressing place with lots of downcast people wishing they had enough gas in their pickup trucks to make it all the way to California—or at least as far a Texas. If I got the job, I figured it would be a start in academics but I probably wouldn’t want to stick around.

The state turned out to be nothing like I imagined.

For one thing, Oklahoma Native Americans don’t look or act anything like the ones I watched in western movies as a child. There are no pure-blooded tribal members. Perhaps there never really were. Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek, European, African, Jewish, Asian, Middle Eastern and Hispanic are blended together into a very special kind of human being. The Native Americans have moved on in the last hundred plus years, and everybody else has moved on with them.

Okies are a work in progress.

You’re allowed to call us that. We’re easy going people with a unique brand of humor, music, and philosophy. We have Oklahoma literature too.

My stories will be mostly what this site is all about. Every thing I write, whether it is non-fiction or fiction is saturated with as much Oklahoma as it will hold.

There will be other things as well:

Places I go—and I go a lot of places.

Things I think are interesting.

Whatever strikes me at the moment.

The world is a fascinating place when you look at it from an Oklahoma point of view. Give it a try.

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  1. I have published a couple of Flash Fiction pieces. In my stories section you will find “Following Footprints”, “Birthday Boy”. and “The Idabel City Line”. There are links at each of those posts to the sites where they are published. I’m currently working on a “how to” book on short fiction and will post on that when I have made more progress.

  2. It was a pleasure sharing space and time with you Saturday in Kimberling City.

    At some level every author or artist seeks fame and fortune for their efforts. Events such as this get our names before the public and attach faces to the names.

    For me it is also an opportunity to give credit where it is due. The inspiration and direction at every step with The Disappearance is from my relationship with my “big Brother by a different mother” and best Friend, the Lord Jesus. Many of the scenes came out of dreams / visions in direct response to prayer. The rest came from a lifetime of extensive research. Now I’m a flawed human being. So the good from this work is His doing; the mess-ups if any are all mine.

    I pray for you as an author and as a person. May God bless you as you continue putting words to paper for the world to read.

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