An Inconclusive Girl

“An Inconclusive Girl” was published in Kansas City Voices vol. 11, September 2013.

The ultrasound technician pointed to her nametag instead of introducing herself.

“Sylvia Anoli,” Mona Beaver read aloud. “Choctaw name.”

“Means messenger.” Mona thought the name was perfect for someone who did sonograms. She wanted to talk about it, but the tech’s expression killed the conversation.

“One sonogram’s all the Nation pays for,” Sylvia Anoli crossed her arms and waited for an argument.

“You want another, you have to write a letter.” The tech’s white skin and blond hair didn’t match the Indian name. Lots of white women married Choctaw men in this part of Oklahoma. Most of them looked happier about it than Sylvia. A bad marriage explained everything: the name, the frown, why the technician hated Indians.

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