“I 35”

“I 35” was published in Phoenix Photo & Fiction vol. 1, December, 2014.  http://waxpoetryart.com/phoenix/issues/001/johnbiggs.html

“I 35” Opening paragraphs:

“Them red ants are the worst. There’s millions of them, like the Red Army that gobbled up half of Europe back in the war.” Dad pointed his pipe stem at the line of ants marching through my my green plastic soldiers, looking for bits of Lorna Doone cookie I dropped on the World War II battlefield in our living room.

Baby Doll growled at them from a distance. She barked when I pinched a commie ant between my thumb and finger and dropped her on her comrades. They tore the body into thirds and carried them away. Continue reading

“Manning Up”

“Manning Up” was published in Chupa Cabra House’s Small Town Futures in October, 2014.

“Manning Up” Opening paragraphs:

Before the trouble started there were lots of different bars in Oklahoma City—Indian bars, gay bars, hillbilly bars. Not anymore. Since the power grid went down, and the New Flu came to town, everybody gets drunk together. Lesbians like me stand next to red necks in dark rooms lit by kerosene lamps and tell the barkeep, “Do it again.” Not exactly social drinking.

The good old boys trade jokes about bulldykes and farmer’s daughters. They bump into me and say, “Excuse me buddy.”

When I come out of the restroom somebody shouts, “Hey mister, you went in the wrong one.” Everybody laughs except for me and my girlfriend Mona. Continue reading

The Reason / Available in Fractured Realms Charity Anthology

“The Reason”, was originally published in Glimpses of Insanity, Rainstorm Press, 2012. It is now reprinted by Horrified Press in their charity anthology, Fractured Realms. It became available from the publisher on June 15, 2014 and since September is available on Amazon.

“The Reason” opening paragraph:

Things always happen to guys from the Middle East. Religious things—check it out. Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, all those martyrs and apostles. All from the Holy Lands where bushes catch on fire and tell you to take off your shoes and people get swallowed by fish and live to tell about it. You’d think it would be different in Oklahoma City, especially if your name is Joseph Gavin and you were adopted by Irish Baptists who barely even go to church. But no, you’re still from the Middle East, and weird things still happen to you because that’s the way things work whether you like it or not.

All according to God’s plan.

You can learn more about Rainstorm Press or buy Glimpses of Insanity here.

 Glimpses of Insanity is also available on Amazon. 

Fractured Realms is available here.

“Girls from Jumbo” in the Fringeworks anthology, CADAVERS

“Girls from Jumbo” was published by Knightwatch Press in the anthology, Cadavers. The book was launched at Southcart Books, 20-21 Lower Hall Lane, Walsall, UK.

Opening Paragraphs:

 Animal tracks mark the freshly fallen snow around the cabin. Raccoon and possum prints by the trashcan, deer tracks everywhere else – as if a small herd had come around to make sure the hunters were gone.

Michael stands among the trees; he looks for signs of human life. No lights behind the cabin windows, no smoke, no thumps or bumps or human voices. He turns to see what Kenny has to say before he remembers. His only friend is in McAlester. One of those broken-home-visitation things Michael’s dad is always going on about.

Pills make it easy to forget the loneliness. Michael swallowed two, on his walk to the cabin, or was it three? It’s easy to lose count when no one is around to share.  Kenny won’t be back till summertime.

Dad told him, ‘Gone and good riddance,’ earlier this morning.

‘Bad company ruins good morals,’ dad said. ‘Right out of First Corinthians 15:33.’ He’d have said more but he had a meeting with the mayor.

‘May his days be few; may another take his office. Psalms 109:8.’ That’s how Michael’s father summed up politics in Jumbo, Oklahoma.

Cadavers will be available soon along with many other horror genre books on Knightwatch Press’s Amazon page here.




“Officer Laura Pepper”

“Officer Laura Pepper” was published in the Storyteller vol. 9, issue 2 (April, May, June) 2014.

Opening Paragraphs:

 “Haven’t I been here before?”  The policewoman at Jack’s front door looked at him for a couple of seconds then shifted her gaze to the foyer behind him.

Something about the lady cop definitely looked familiar. It could have been the way she held her mouth—like she tasted something spoiled. Every female cop Jack had ever seen held her mouth like that, and he’d seen a lot of them in the last couple of years. It didn’t mean this one had anything personal against him, so Jack told her why he’d called.

“It was about two o’clock in the morning,” he said. “A truck pulled into the driveway and the driver tossed a rock through my living room window.”

“I’m pretty sure I’ve been here before?” She pushed the front door wider and eased herself into the foyer, shoving him aside with her bottom.

You can check out the Storyteller or order back issues here.