“Girl Crazy”

“Girl Crazy” was published in the Storyteller volume 19, issue 1, January / February / March edition, 2014.

Opening paragraphs:

 Clyde Tombaugh knew an African American couldn’t blend in with the all-white crowd in the KFC, so he stooped behind the salad bar while he decided who was going to buy his lunch.

It didn’t take long. A fat man carried a three-piece chicken dinner to the soft drink station. He put his cup under the Dr. Pepper spigot and held it there until the soda pop sloshed over the rim. No ice, just the way Clyde liked it.

He waited until the man found a table.

“‘Scuse me.” Clyde gave him the look. He pulled his lips back over his teeth, the way a wolf smiles at a rabbit. He took a quick look around to make sure there was no girlfriend. Men did crazy things when a girlfriend was watching. Momma Allison taught him that.

“Girl crazy things,” she told Clyde. “Like sticking around when they ought to run away.”

The fat man was all alone, so Clyde hardened up the look, “Y’all gonna eat that chicken?”

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