“Unk” was first published in Disturbed Digest, issue 1, Alban Lake Press, June, 2013. It was subsequently published as a reprint by A Murder of Storytellers in Beyond the Nightlight in December, 2014.

 “Unk” opening paragraphs:

The Oklahoma City Family Medicine Center might not be a good place to meet guys, but I see a really hot one the moment I walk out the door. Good looking. Tall and dark. Native American. He’s just my type, so I check my watch and pretend I haven’t been inside for anything important.

He likes my hair. Who can blame him? I spent a lot of time mixing in the eight long, thin, highlighted braids with tiny glass beads whipped at the ends. I toss my head so he won’t notice if my smile is a little crooked. It probably is because my lower lip is partly numb. Doctor Martha Singleton says the feeling might come back in time. Continue reading

“Bounce” now available in FrostFire Worlds–May 2014 issue

“Bounce” was published by Alban Lake Publishing in of FrostFire Worlds, May, 2014 issue.

Opening Paragraphs:

 Raj told Mary, “Got to get worse before I get better. Got to hit the bottom before I bounce.” Then he sat down in his chair and didn’t get up again. That was two days ago—three, if midnight has come and gone. Mary can’t keep track of hours in the dark so she counts her heartbeats and wonders what she’ll do if he dies.

She tries to slide into a dream with a happy ending like the bedtime stories Raj used to tell her. About the olden days when people had birthdays they could circle on a calendar. When they had real live friends who talked to each other just for fun—taking turns, using inside voices. Like the voices in the living room that are probably part of a dream trying to break into Mary’s sleepless night.

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