“A Different Kind of Indian”

“A Different Kind of Indian” was published in Eleventh Transmission, issue 1, Feb. 2015.

“A Different Kind of Indian” opening paragraphs:

Some kids sell tacos after school. I make arrows. Four of them a day, because that’s a sacred number. I haft them to shafts of white aspen harvested from the spirit-mountains somewhere in Montana. I fletch the shafts with wing feathers of the red-backed hawk—that’s Crazy Horse’s spirit bird. Mom sells them for a hundred bucks apiece on the Internet.

The flint is real, but everything else is as phony as my website name. In cyber-space I’m Joseph Little Wolf, a cool old dude whose great-great grandpa was the Cheyenne Chief who kicked Custer’s butt.

 You can find issue 1 of Eleventh Transmission here.