“Unfinished Business” in PURE FANTASY AND SCI-FI vol. 3

“Unfinished Business” was published in Pure Fantasy and Sci-Fi on March 27, 2015

“Unfinished Business” opening paragraphs

Sinti’s mother always knew when someone was on the way to the cabin. “Spirit telegraph,” she said, but Sinti thought it was the buzzards. The footpath to the Maytubby cabin started under the roosting tree and those big ugly birds weren’t the least bit sociable. When a car pulled to the side of Nanih Waiya Road the carrion birds flushed into the sky like quail. They flew above the roosting tree in interlocking circles that looked like figure eights and Idabel Maytubby would tell her daughter, “Someone’s coming.” She was almost always right.

It was a ten-minute walk from the road to the cabin if visitors followed the footpaths. The trail was clear enough for people who knew what they were looking for. The locals did. They were Choctaw; it was in their blood.

The route to the healing woman’s cabin had been common knowledge among the tribe since Idabel Maytubby moved there twenty years ago with her newborn fatherless daughter, Sinti. Visitors had been coming longer than Sinti could remember. One or two at a time. Mostly women.

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The Reason / Available in Fractured Realms Charity Anthology

“The Reason”, was originally published in Glimpses of Insanity, Rainstorm Press, 2012. It is now reprinted by Horrified Press in their charity anthology, Fractured Realms. It became available from the publisher on June 15, 2014 and since September is available on Amazon.

“The Reason” opening paragraph:

Things always happen to guys from the Middle East. Religious things—check it out. Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, all those martyrs and apostles. All from the Holy Lands where bushes catch on fire and tell you to take off your shoes and people get swallowed by fish and live to tell about it. You’d think it would be different in Oklahoma City, especially if your name is Joseph Gavin and you were adopted by Irish Baptists who barely even go to church. But no, you’re still from the Middle East, and weird things still happen to you because that’s the way things work whether you like it or not.

All according to God’s plan.

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